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Join us every Friday for the Prayer Room gathering online. This is a safe space and sanctuary for you to learn, grow and hear from God

What to expect:

We meet via Teams for 1.5 hours and the session includes:
  • Opening worship - ushering God to meet us in the space
  • ​Monthly themed teaching session - using topics from the Bible that support your business and personal growth
  • Interactive group discussion - enabling you to ask questions, express what you have learnt and reveal what God is saying to you.
  • ​Closing worship - providing space for reflection

  • ​Join the Call - we meet every Friday online. Join us and connect with global Believers, learn from your Word of God, so that you can impact and change the world. Click HERE for the TEAMS link.
  • Prayer & Fasting - join us for the first 3 days of prayer & fasting every month, to seek Gods direction over your career, business and ambitions.
  • Get the Devotion - you can connect with the daily scriptures and devotion by using The Bible App. ​Get the app HERE



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