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Kubi Springer - London & Dubai

Hi, I am Kubi, by day I am like 'Clarke Kent' - a regular chic who works as a Global Marketing Director and International Speaker. With 25 years brand marketing experience, I have worked high profile brands such as Nike, Beyonce and Rolls Royce. In 2020 my book 'I AM MY BRAND' (Bloomsbury Publishing) won 'Best Marketing Book of the Year'. In 2022 I was named 'Global Consultant of the Year' by Consulting Magazine and in 2023 I was shortlisted for 'Marketer of the Year' by PWA Awards. I have a column in Harper's Bazaar UK, sit on the board of Veuve Clicquot 'UK Bold Woman Awards' and have been a regular on the BBC.

But by night, I am 'SUPER WOMAN' - a prayer warrior and P.31 Lady who started the P.R because God said - its time to take dominion and unleash our greatness through the power of the Holy Spirit, and to build a global Sisterhood that can support the journey, without apology.

On this page are just some of my fellow Super Heros...the ladies of P.R..


Sade Awe - Texas, USA

Kubi's Prayer Room has been a transformative sanctuary for me, revolutionizing my walk with God and empowering me to integrate His Word into every facet of my life as an entrepreneur. Through Kubi's guidance, I've discovered a deeper understanding of God's love and grace, and she has skillfully taught me how to apply biblical principles to my business and personal relationships. Her unwavering support, wisdom, and passion for God's Word have helped me navigate life's challenges with confidence, faith, and resilience. I'm eternally grateful to be part of this sacred community, and I celebrate Kubi as a phenomenal woman of God, whose selflessness, compassion, and leadership have made an indelible impact on my life. Her Prayer Room is a testament to the power of faith, love, and sisterhood, and I'm honored to be a member of this extraordinary family.

Sade Awe 
Founder & President of The Inner Circle Experience & EAZY GYFT, Inc.


Tricia C. Daniel - Oklahoma, USA

✨A 3rd generation speaker on financial clarity & literacy, MBA with over 25 years experience in public accounting and as a corporate financial executive, I am Tricia Daniel.  Founder of the Starting Over Wealth Network, Keynote Speaker, and Podcast Host, I combine my professional financial experience with my personal testimony of starting over from multiple life events to equip women with biblically based financial tools to shift our money mindsets from worry to wealthy with confidence.    ✨Leaning into the Prayer Room each week, hearing womens’ voices around the world unite as one in prayer has been the uplifting community I wrote on my prayer wall asking God for over a year ago.  As I care for my newly disabled husband and our blended family of 6 boys, the Prayer Room has been God’s joyous answer showing me week after week His powerful hand linking women together, delivering His Words to each other when life suddenly changes.

Dr. eng Suaad Al Shamsi

Dr. eng Suaad Al Shamsi became the first Emirati woman to work as an Aviation Engineer. She has received multiple awards during her journey including being rewarded Najm Gold Award from Emirates Group as a role model for Emirati female engineers, to name a few. 


Ingie Chalhoub

Ingie Chalhoub is an award winning Middle East style icon, business leader and philanthropist. An innovator in luxury fashion retail, Ingie has been instrumental in the growth of the sector in the Middle East over the last four decades, since creating the Etoile Group and launching the region's first Chanel boutique in 1983.


Maya Al Hawari

Maya Alhawary, is an Emirati educator. She serves as Chairwoman of Board of Governors of Dubai Carmel School - Director of Planning from the United Arab Emirates. She was chosen as the “Ambassador of Knowledge” at the UAE Red Crescent, and in 2019 was selected among 50 influential accounts in social media 


Dr Branka Adzic

Dr Branka Adzic is a member of the American and Europe board of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging. With over 12 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and cosmetology across the USA, Serbia and UAE she has a broad skillset and a wide range of experience, which allows her to give only the highest quality treatments to her patients.
Currently professionally engage in Dubai, UAE.


Ambassador Dr. Hanan Selim is an international speaker, award winning author of her best selling book Second Chances and recognized as one of the most influential thought leaders in health and wellbeing. She’s the CEO of and a Global Union Ambassador advocating for Gen Z and women empowerment.


Dr. Hanan Selim

SISTERHOOD SHOW for women who are bold, beautiful and in business

Sarah Raslan

Meet Engineer Sarah Raslan, a true trailblazer and a beacon of empowerment for women everywhere. Born and raised in the UAE, she fearlessly ventured into diverse fields where women were underrepresented, breaking barriers with unwavering determination. Undeterred by societal norms or doubters, she then ventured into the male-dominated realm of project management in construction, proving that determination knows no bounds.


Kelly Lundberg is one of the most diverse business entrepreneurs to have emerged out of the styling world to date. Gaining notoriety as a celebrity stylist, she has since propelled herself to an award-winning business owner, business mentor, and international speaker. 

Sylwia Manijlai

Sylwia Manjlai - Empowering women entrepreneurs! She is a wealth generator, an excellent networker, promoting a freedom lifestyle and building conscious communities, inspiring so many of her friends and changed lives to many 
come out of alcohol and drag abuse lifestyle.


Dr Wallah Al Shehhi

Experienced Senior Operation Project Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Communication, Leadership, Decision-Making, UAE Writer , and Project Management. Strong engineering professional with a Master of Business Administration from Canadian University Dubai.


Shereen Shabnam

Shereen Shabnam is the Editor in Chief of Global Trend Monitor, English Editor at Madame Magazine, Consultant with Coral Coast PR, JURY for International Motoring Awards (WCOTY World Car Awards & WWCOTY), Country Chair of Fiji for G100 of Global Women Leaders, Peace Ambassador for World Peace Tracts and a Colors For Peace Ambassador.


Fariha Salahuddin

Fariha Salahuddin - 20+ years of global HR expertise at Fortune 100 companies like GSK, Citi, Unilever, and PepsiCo. She was last SVP CHRO Pepsi AMEA, CHRO ICI, Global VP Talent at GSK, and Global HR business leader Molnlycke. 


DR Wallah Al Shehhi

Coming from a family of doctors and professionals from the medical field, Sana was drawn to medicine from a young age and decided to study in the same field. Graduating from Dental College, Sana started her career as a dentist.


SISTERHOOD SHOW for women who are bold, beautiful and in business

Dr Ljudmila Vukosavljevic

Dr Ljudmila Vukosavljevic, doctor of medicine, acupuncture and quantum medicine, also educator and lecturer in this field, international trener for Bicom bioresonance method by German company Regumed, quantum coach, public speaker, owner of BICOM VISTA Medical Clinic in Belgrade, President of  Association for education and promotion of healthy life "LifElement", Member of Medical Chamber of Serbia.  CONNECT WITH HER

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