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When will HERluxuryworld Launch?

HERluxuryworld will officially launch in September 2022. You will be able to make and account in September when the membership is open.

How much discount will I get?

Discounts will vary as we will be working with a wide range of brands from fashion brands to automobiles, Spas and outing experiences.

What are the experiences?

Our private members will get unique experiences with the brands we work with. A picnic in the desert in your favourite sports car, a dance party in the most luxurious yacht in the middle of the ocean under the starry night sky or how about a private dinner in the master suit of the Burj Khalifa. The possibilities are endless.

Is it just for women?

As this is an online private member's club anyone can join. Although our primary focus is women, men are welcome to join so that they too can unlock our unique luxurious benefits.


*Please note that some events may be for women only.

What else can I expect?

Along with the benefits you can access from luxury brands, you can also access special curated content, from interviews from industry leaders or the latest sneak peaks from luxury fashion brands, as well as invitation only to special events.

How do I stay updated?

You can stay updated but signing up to our newsletter to get the latest news or follow our founder's instagram on @herluxuryworldofficial.

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