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Open the Door to God’s Promise

Updated: May 3

Grasping the handle, you discover yourself pulling back a door very resistant and heavy, requiring steady determination to keep going.  Hearing shouts of joy alongside releasing tears, you feel a greater will to not give up until that door stops resisting and flings open revealing what is inside.  After years of living in fear and worry, the door becomes no match for the strength all your brokenness has built.   With a loud crash, the door hits the wall revealing a room full of women clothed in grace highlighted by rays of sunshine radiating their joy as each of their hands are connected to one another.  With water in between some of the women and mountains between others, their hands appear like a net tightly woven in strength.  Then suddenly, you notice a break in the light and a hand reaching out to confidently embrace yours.  This is the moment you realize you have entered the Room full of women God had planned long ago for you.  The diligence and the persistence to overcome the heaviness in the hard seasons had been building up your strength for this moment.  The moment you decided to pull open the door to the Prayer Room.  

It is with great joy, I also reach out my hand to welcome you along with embrace the incredible Gift God has created within you. It is one of my greatest joys to serve women in boosting their financial confidence by helping them shift their mindsets from worry to wealthy, in rediscovering who God created them to be with money.  As entrepreneurs, executives, educators and excelling women, we sometimes become so caught up in the pursuit of our dreams, goals and ambitions, our minds shift to fear instead of faith.  In that process we also start to cover up one of the first gifts God gave us.  

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:7

Ever feel that bursting feeling inside of you? A joy you can not contain when you perform a specific task, complete a specific project, or solve a specific type of problem?  That is your Gift!

God gave you, me and everyone a Seed, a specific assignment on earth to yield a specific fruit that only our seed can produce.  It is that creative seed within us that is meant to multiply and yield resources, financial resources for you, your family and generations of others assigned to your specific gift.  God designed each of us so uniquely on purpose to fulfill a specific purpose for His greater purpose.   Our seed is designed to yield the resources, the food, that nourishes, replenishes and vitalizes our lives.  However, for so many, life has covered up that seed.  Trials, fear, struggle, shame and many other hardships harden that seed.  The shell becomes so hard that the gifts inside dim from the lack of light.  

Are you ready to uncover the seed that has been buried by mounds of dirt life has thrown on top of it?  Are you ready to break down that shell life hardened to discover the Wealthy Seed, the fruit yielding seed that God gave only to you?  

God has provided us with over 2,350 verses in the Bible on financial topics.  He has given us an abundance of wisdom to plant our seeds in financial strategies for our business and personal finances, to multiply our resources and harvests.  As you enter the Prayer Room and connect with other women around the world filled with incredible gifts, my desire is to serve you each week in helping you undercover your Assignment, your Seed and assisting you in strategic planting so that it begins to yield and multiply financial fruits for generations. 

In Wealthy Blessings,

Tricia C. Daniel, MBA, CFLP, CFEI


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