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Hey lovely!

​If you are new here, welcome to the Prayer Room. If you are a regular, thank you for being part of our growing global community.

I am excited to announce that since our launch on 4th May 2024, we have had 992 visits to the website… almost a thousand hits in four weeks! What’s more, we have had members clicking on from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the UAE, Kenya, Canada, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, China, Barbados, Pakistan, Germany, France, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, Qatar, Tanzania, Finland and Norway. The data is demonstrating that we are really building a global community, and if we can achieve these numbers, and reach all these places, in just our first month, where will we be as a community by the end of the year? So, thank you, to everyone who has spread the word, let’s keep going!

As it’s a new month, we have a brand new teaching series called ‘Kingdom Economics’ analyizing what the Bible has to say about finances, wealth creation and commercial success. As part of this series we are reviewing our financial habits over the last six months and supporting one another to operate from a place of Biblical integrity. Digging deep into the mindset of King Soloman, this is a powerful series for anyone wanting to improve their financial life and business acumen. Join our SUNDAY CONNECT to be part of it.

I am also happy to inform you that we have a phenomenal P.R Team supporting the Prayer Room. We meet every Friday to ensure the content on this platform is robust, informative, inspiring and encouraging you to be all that God has called you to be. You can discover your team members below; feel free to click on their images to learn more about them and why they are part of the Prayer Room.

Lastly, teaching, preacher, minister and media personality, Priscilla Shirer is our June 2024 ‘Saved & Successful Woman of the Month’. She has a brand new movie out called ‘THE FORGE’, which is a total tear jerker! You can watch the trailer and learn more by clicking HERE.

Love Kubi x

P.R (the Prayer Room) is a platform that equips Believers through Biblical principles, to make an impact on the business world. Under the stewardship of Kubi Springer, we have created a sanctuary for the ambitious ones to find connection, elevation and community. Our vision is simple; to create a global community of world changing Believers that impact the Marketplace, through the power of God.


Kubi Springer is a brand marketing expert with over 26 years experience in marketing and over 13 years experience as a speaker. Born and raised in London, England, she has a Masters in International Marketing and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Nike, L'Oreal, FENDI, Facebook and Aston Martin to name but a few. As a Christian, she is the niece of Bishop John Francis and the granddaughter of Stella Springer. With this background she loves combining the Bible with Business and pulls upon both her career and heritage to make Biblical Principles Relevant, Tangible and Actionable for Leaders.

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Our members get access to be on the show, network at our exclusive events, join the private members club, relish in our annual luxury retreat experiences and be profiled in our e-magazine.  Join them and become a member today.

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