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Exhausted? How to get back up...

Updated: May 3

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Forbes Magazine Reports that - Burnout Is A Worldwide Problem.

A new study by Asana found in the below Forbes article that 84% of Gen Zs report burnout along with 74% of Millennials and 47% of Baby Boomers.

According to the Asana study the gender divide is that 67% of women report burnout, and 59% of men report it and sadly, 40% of all workers believe burnout is an inevitable part of success.

Some of the solutions discussed in the show and in the Forbes article include the following:

  • Create support systems – we have heard it before, but its worth reminding ourselves of the importance of mentors and coaches, even as senior levels, to help us navigate the stresses and workload when in managerial positions. Coaches are not just for our junior members of staff, but for us also, as we too need support. So often we focus on ensuring our teams have mentors to help them navigate their careers, but we don't always seek mentors or even peer-to-peer mentors for ourselves. But to manage the demands, we need our own support system.

  • Delegate – the ability to effectively delegate is an art and it's not something we are taught when we study our MBAs or move from a junior position to a senior one. Until we learn how to effectively delegate we will find ourselves acting as project managers as opposed to project leads. We will find ourselves in the execution of the work, as opposed to the strategic development. What's more, as we go up the leader scale, if we do not learn how to delegate, we will find ourselves with more responsibility, but still in the day-to-day of the activity, which in turn creates more workload and greater stress. So its important to learn how to let go; to train our teams and get them to the point where we can oversee the task, not do it yourself.

  • Seek wellness – its never going to happen unless we activity 'seek it'. We need to put the time in our diaries to stop and eat lunch away from our desk or go for swimming after work. We need to go to bed earlier, if we are going to ever get up in time to master our mornings and pray, meditate, or hit the gym. We need to carve out time at the beginning of the year, informing all on when our holiday breaks will be that year, and stick to them. We need to plan the weekends away or staycations with our loved ones. Just like everything else we do, it won't happen unless we are intentional about making us, and our wellness, a priority.

  • Put things into perspective – often time we need a reminder that work and the endless business to-do-list is not our entire life, it’s a part of us, but its not all of us. So what are the mechanisms we can use to turn off the noise and focus on other things?

I can't wait for you to watch this episode, but in the meantime, you can read the full article on Forbes by clicking the link below:

This article is written by - Samantha D'Cory


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