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Why Leaders Need The Prayer Room?

Lesley Eagar: Holistic Executive Leadership Coach and Mentor - Dubai

As Kubi's coach and mentor, I know the Prayer Room is essential.

Hope and Faith enables leaders to be courageous and their true selves, no matter the challenges they may encounter. With the many pressures modern leaders face in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, they can, without realising, lead from a place of fear and scarcity, spreading anxiety and negativity. This type of leadership robs individuals of their creativity and stops organisations being innovative and taking risks, which can ultimately lead to failure. I truly believe the only way we; our organisations and the planet can flourish and thrive is through love, understanding and joy which are the cornerstones of the Prayer Room.

The Prayer Room is a sanctuary, where the outside world is put on hold, allowing the members to connect, reflect and contemplate, free from judgement in a space full of positive energy. This healing and empowering experience is something that many don't know exists or get to experience. Kubi has made it her mission to revolutionise this.

I chose to support Kubi on her path to creating the Prayer Room, because it is an essential part of her greater audacious assignment and calling:

''Being an example that It can be done and at a senior level. Empowering women by example and by blazing a trail''

I am at Kubi's side to help her step into her spotlight and radiate her light, to inspire women from all over the world, so they and our future sisters, can walk their own paths without having to breakdown walls to achieve their dreams and aspirations in a world that is brighter.

About Lesley

My coaching style combines core coaching skills: goal setting, active listening, effective questioning, holding the space for exploration of issues and beliefs and the use of tools and theory such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis to deepen the coachees self-awareness.  and incorporates elements of positive psychology, and behavioural change principles with a focus on wellbeing. This wholistic approach helps my clients achieve their goals, gain tools and strategies to become more fulfilled and centred, so they can live happier lives.  

Learn about Lesley Eagar and the other sisters of the prayer room HERE


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