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Whose ‘Well Done’ are you pursuing?

Remember as a little girl, running back to a parent with money in hand?  Whether it was from a lemonade stand, helping a neighbor with a task or items crafted, earning our first dollar generated an excitement within us we could not contain.  Just from doing something we loved, we were able to create something that another person found valuable enough to buy.  The joy would make us want to run around the house or neighborhood in excitement.  Even though my knees would scream at me now if I tried to go on a run, I can in this moment still feel the inner excitement wanting to burst from my chest knowing I can do that right now!  Do you feel it too? We each have the ability to take our creative gifts God blessed us with along with resources potentially others have entrusted to us, to  run out today and generate money. 

While many first ask ‘How’ to generate money from using our gifts, I want to first ask the question as to Who are we desiring to run back to? Who are we desiring to show the revenue we received, the investment we multiplied.

The moment Kubi asked the question, “Whose ‘Well Done’ are you looking for” in our weekly Prayer Room call, my mind became flooded with the following questions:

Are we pursuing the “Well Done” for ourselves to feel validated by a paycheck?

Are we pursuing the “Well Done” from our parents to feel their approval?

Are we pursuing the “Well Done” from our peers so we can feel like an equal or better financially?

Are we pursuing the “Well Done” from social media for an instant adrenaline rush from a ‘Like’ or comment?

Or are we consistently pursuing the “Well Done my good and faithful servant” from God like in Matthew 25?

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ Matthew 25:21

As God continues to teach us how to live more Boldly, let’s start pursuing more boldly how to consistently pursue the “Well Done” in how we align our finances, our revenue streams, and our business strategies with Him.

This week, let’s begin to align our Money with God by asking ourselves two simple questions during our weekly financial reviews:

  1. WELL:  How Well are our current financial business strategies aligned with God?

Used in the English language to describe when something is completed to a good standard, this week let’s start to look at how the financial strategies guiding our businesses pursue God Well.  This is a simple question that we can ask when reviewing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) or even the results from our daily personal routines that week.

  1. DONE: How are you analyzing the Done, the week’s results of your business?

Defined as an action of being arrived at or brought to an end, analyzing each week how our revenue generation, multiplication or use of financial resources is being arrived helps us to ensure it is being arrived at or pursued for God instead of others.  By seeing how our money generating activities are Done, ‘brought to an end’, we become more conscious of how we are pursuing the multiplication in our


“Whose ‘Well Done’ are you looking for?” ~ Kubi Springer

With Wealthy Blessings, 

Tricia C. Daniel, MBA, CFLP, CFEI


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