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Building a Purpose-Driven Brand

How to create a purpose driven personal brand with @mayshadwoman

Kubi Springer sat down with Mayshad CEO, Nezha Alaoui to learn how she built a personal brand and attracted over 2.6 million followers on Instagram with purpose at the centre.

Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador, Middle East Luxury Business Developer, Official Spokeswoman Middle East Fashion Council, TV presenter and Philanthropist, Lara Tabet talks about her experience on becoming a Brand Ambassador from Europe such as Michael Bruggler watches from Switzerland, Margy’s Monte Marco from Monaco, William Wagner Clocks from Genera, Dany by Daniel K Jewellery from New York, House of Geneva Jewellery from Switzerland as well as top fashion designers from all over the world such as  Michael Cinco, Walid Atallah, Diana Maharach, Couture and Mirna Al Haj just to name a few.


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